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Starting to ferment your livestock grains can be frustrating without the proper ingredients! Take the guess work out by using our INNOCULENT!

Our LACTOBACILLUS INOCULANT is a excellent way to ferment your livestock grains. The anaerobic bacteria in our INNOCULENT is what your animals need for maximum feed conversion! Fermenting grain will save you money on feed and allow your animals to get maximum benefits from their feed intake. Any grain can be fermented but I prefer SWEET COB (rolled corn oats and barley) with mollases. The mollases is a source of food for the beneficial bacteria. 



1st: Add your grain to a bucket/container.

2nd: Fill with water so that the grain is covered by 1.5 inches of water. Always keep the grain below the water levels. 

3rd: Then add 10 to 15 drops of LACTOBACILLUS INOCULANT and stir well. 

4th: Allow it to ferment LOOSELY COVERED for 3 days. It's an active fermentation process so there is gas releasing so NEVER cover the container tightly. 

5th: Strain the grain and add to your daily feed rations. 

NEVER feed fermented grains that smell rancid or spoiled. You should have a smell of fermentation almost like a sweet smelling beer and the top of the water should have a white film after 3 days. I have used this recipe for many years and hope that you will enjoy fermenting your own grains with the use of our LACTOBACILLUS INOCULANT.